How do you make the Beans and Sprudels?
All of our products and hand made. From the cutting of the shapes, to colouring them, to stuffing the shapes into the tiny capsules. Our Sprudels are also 100% hand moulded. Check out our Company Page to meet all the friendly people who do this work each day.
Why are the Sprudels and Jars so expensive?
All our prices include postage. The Sprudels and Jars are very heavy, and therefore cost a lot more to post. Our prices are aimed at the overseas market (out of South Africa), so the postage gets very expensive, very quickly.
Can I get a special deal if I am ordering Six Packs or Jars from within South Africa?
Yes you can. Postage within South Africa is much cheaper than postage overseas. Please contact us, and ask about it, and we will definitely help you out.
How will my goods be delivered?
All mail orders are shipped via the air mail, or registered parcel post service of The South African Post Office.
How much will delivery cost?
Delivery is free, as all our prices include postage.
How long will my parcel take to arrive?
Anywhere between 1 - 3 weeks depending on where you are in the world. We are posting from South Africa, so if you are far away, it will probably take slightly longer.
Will the Sprudels stain my bath or my child?
No. Our colourants only change the colour of the water. When you pull the plug out, all the colour will drain out with the bath water.
Will the Sprudels irritate my child's skin?
No. Our ingredients are natural food grade materials. They are totally harmless.
What happens if my child has accidentally swallowed a Magical Bean?
Not to worry, Mum! That is one of the first questions we asked ourselves. We tested it on ourselves, and found that no adverse effects occur. The capsule and the colourants are food grade materials, and the foam does not digest at all, and passes naturally.
Do your products have an age limit?
Whilst there is no danger if our Magical Beans are accidentally swallowed, they do represent a choking hazard for young children who like to put things in their mouths. Thus, we do not recommend that children under the age of 3 years play with our Beans, but upward of 3, the recommended age is unlimited! (If in doubt, always apply parental supervision during bath time.)
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